Lover, Key to a Hidden Door

It was eleven past four,

I parked my car in the Lovers lane.

loud banging on the door, like the resounding pain and loss,

when her dream and my desire, once again collided and missed each other.

She isn’t behind the door. Now it’s just me and the empty house.

A key fell from the door crack.

There it opens, and a song goes:

You are initiated,

into the invisible layer of life occurrence, your glorious fate ongoing,

The real initiation is the natural process of the universe unfolding itself to you,

like lotus opening petals, cloud open layer upon layer.

The ladder, extended, a secrete between you and life.

Only at the moment when you both deem so, you were given keys, for doors after doors,

of a path that you chose.

On that path I walk,

I am human and beyond.

I am human and beneath,

I travel long ways, from two ends,

as the white dove descending,

as the red serpent rising,

I am the lover, twins in one.

On my way growing down,

life through me, cascade like lotus,

on my way growing up,

I through life, open like rose.

Merge, part

from the beginning of life, in countless lifetimes,

evolution intertwine.

When the time is right,

I will meet you at the center of the cross.

When the timing is right,

I will meet you at the border of sky and earth.

2022 8 22 4:11

it’s raining cats and dogs in Austin

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