Fable 03 – We are Her numbers and signs

Experience occurs based on numbers. We are The One’s signs and numbers. Time pulls us together. When our numbers match, synchronicity ushers us like herds, and form a collective phenomenon.

If this sits right with you, here is a story:

I walk into a cinema. I am watching a movie. The actress checks herself in the mirror, random number calls her; she is sad at a loss and happy when she is in love. I feel sad when she loses, I feel happy when she wins.

But then I realized I am not the actress. I am the movie, and the watcher, and the co-director.

I am the movie. I am everything occurring in that movie. The random guy that called, wind caressing grass, war and blood, is not more distant from my sense when I touch my skin, my visual when I see myself in the mirror.

“I” am the total phenomenon that I experience, for whatever I pulled through my value setting, intentions, and thus synchronicity pulled for me, my karma. All that I see is part of me. This is how broad the responsibility can get, and things we offer, it’s not for “others”.

It is for me as well. I clear my own backyard in this little cosmo of my life. It gets bigger and bigger with understanding and love. My capability and knowledge need to catch up.

Clear the fog. Do not identify with the phenomenon.

Found this on Douban.com and I shall pass it along. 接力一下 — The Diamond Sutra : http://www.xuefo.net/user/xuhua/diamond%20sutra.txt

The Buddha said: “Subhuti, the living beings (you just mentioned) are neither living nor not living beings. 佛言:须菩提, 彼非众生,非不众生。

“Why?” 何以故?

“Because, Subhuti, the Tathagata says these living beings are not (really), but they are (expediently), called living beings.” 须菩提,众生众生者,如来说非众生,是名众生。

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