High and Low

Love, then love all.

If a value system or condition is applied to love, then at where it rejects there is hatred. Partial love creates division, separation, the problems at home and in the world. And when you choose to only love the heaven and high, you really magnified that dislike towards what is not with an atomic explosive level of energy. You’d go on crusades.

But love is all-encompassing. The wholeness, is the eternity. The cosmic egg, is both in space and time, spacetime. Time is a feature of the fabric of space — known to the conscious mind of physics today.

Reaching high and shunning the low and ugly, is what creates the pendulum motion, which catches us constantly in the swing of “high and low”. — the low wants to be embraced, the trauma constantly reminds you it is there, externally, opening social wounds having billions of people saw women chained to a wall, the seer also feels the same unresolved wound in them. We never see things that is not part of us. We see things that relate to us. The relativity seems to be different on the appearance, a man, a woman, people in different countries or of different race relates to it differently, but down there closer to the inner world, the same thing. Liberty and Force.

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There is a leash on the horse, the ego wants to tame the Spirit. The horse is fully aware of It, knows where to go, understands what the ego wants. The horse can walk with autocracy, run at liberty. For ego is a thing of the brain. Every life is aware of It. It’s in the subconsciousness of the whole, and not discussed in the language of the consciousness, where human now mostly tune to.

The horse stays in It — It being the serenity, the ocean of the consciousness of all. The horse is aware that it is not just a horse, this is a shell that he rents for a temporal stay. The eternity does not get expressed in the front-mind language like the actors in the theatre don’t break the third wall. It is the veil, between the awareness of It, and the human drama on stage.     

Those who have their full attention in the story, get absorbed into the drama, survival instincts of ego. Ego will always be in a war to conquer because it does not encompass all. Its existence is of partial, of division, certainly the actors always act out of pronouncing right or wrong, others or me.

When I am working on my own internal healing, healing process of the same theme surge in the world, of a much larger scale, heavier magnitude. The trauma is not to be neglected. The shadow in the collective subconsciousness is to be shine light upon, just like in the personal story, we embrace the personal shadow by connecting to the eternal light. That light does not belong only to one soul, that shadow, reaching deeper, is never of an individual’s life. We connected to the divine light for all, the higher we reach, the wider the light shows you the ground it covers, and you see, there is no your story and their stories, it is It, morphing and evolving, bleeding, vomiting out toxins, in its many periodicals falls, it wants to be captured by the safe palm of light.

In the sinners’ or the self-destructive rebels many falls from heaven, it wants to be netted by the Wisdom of light, to know that his father is wise enough to understand his wrath. Each safe capture, manifest in the seen world, a development of the Wisdom. It shows the world, the wisdom is evolving too.  

The higher you reach, the deeper and wider rotten root you see. Those who can see born with more light; those who feel the suffering of the social pain, is in tune with more awareness. We now have a responsibility to heal. To heal, is for personal evolution, and for the evolution of all.   

From high, you look at it and say, hey, shadow, I see you, let me transform you, just like last time how I transformed my own, through observing it, through accepting it, fully aware of it exists, staring at it with bare transparency of the one spirit, not from a body-suit, not from a mind, or a heart of desire.

We do this, this time, with more seers who bear the light.   

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