Restore the spirit and heal depression

There are a few ways to tackle depression, and I feel it’s my responsibility to document these practices and theories that roped people out of the low energy state and reconnect them with the one spiritual source, since there is a shortage of therapists at the moment.

I listed three practices that are known to work at the bottom of this article.

Mount Jiuhua, Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva’s rite

The pressure in the chest, low energy state, lack of motivation and action, monkey mind keeps getting in the way of focusing and deep understanding. These are symptoms of loss of spirit. In Taoist and Western occult theory of human composition, the original spirit dwells on the chakra right above our head and in between the eyebrows. The latter is a focus point in meditation to reach stillness, and join that profound sea of existence.

The spirit is both yours and the entire existence. It flows into us the vessels and lit our lamps. When the lamp is lit, mind, emotion, energy, and body follow suit, and they each naturally know what the good and healthy conducts are. They fall into Tao.

When the light leaves, negative or illusive thoughts prevail over the belief, energy disperses, emotion falls into the old downward/enclosed pattern, a cage you battle to get out.

Thoughts are not what you could rely on to get out of the cage. Since they go the other direction in a good day, almost like a by-product of our spiritual and energy states. It resembles a person trying to lift himself up by pulling his own hair. Standing against the bad feelings and thoughts still is caught in the constant moving polarity. Polarity is the gate, passing which would lead you to stillness.

Stillness is the key to reinviting back the spirit. In the mind, polarity generates thoughts. On the upside, it is the engine of creation; on the downside, or when the spirit and energy body is depleted, it is the monkey mind — the cage.

It may not be the first time you are down in the cage. The events that lead you here, or the situation may be repetitive. Now you are not only tired of the same cage, but doubting your righteousness, that you deserve to match a life of love and light, the recovery tools you picked up along the way.

The first thing you may think of is to tackle the repetitive events that caused it. You understand there are practices you should seek, to cut the karma. You did it. You do feel lighter, the five elements are stable, but in the core, you still feel depleted.

The first thing we should do is to get back out from the cage, onto the ground, then climb the ladders. The ideal state to live in: empty, still, silent. Cease the pains, desires of the heart, and rule with the spiritual light. Then we can approach a state with no suffering for we have no obsession with the false ego. We don’t identify with the ego, where doubts, denial, suffering, unsatisfied needs, conflicts between “the rest” and “me”, etc. comes from.

Here are simple ways to enter the gate to the expansive, profound ocean. The key is to have the mind forget about its normal treadmill runs.

Through mantra.

  • Mitrukpa, the Immovable Buddha’s mantra is known for healing depression.
  • Read any mantra or prayer in your culture that fits this purpose. The key is to tune into the sound and melody of the words. This is a form of meditation. Tune in, forget that you have a goal, stop the the pendelem of mind, and you enter the 0 point. There you are the profound ocean. The internal and external is one, the spirit.
  • Read out loud The Original Vows of Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva Sutra. Unlike Bible, Buddha sutras are not about creation stories. Buddhas and Bodhisattvas are beings that practiced and reached enlightenment in the past, present, and future. The sutras document their stories, their names, what they vowed to help the sentient beings with, and their mantra and worship rituals. The texts and their names carry their currents, light, virtue, and power. Through reading, you could feel the currents working on us internally and externally.

Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva gives sparkling light of the earth spirits, which soothes and nurtures you like spring rain. It’s grounding and firming your spirit. In order to lift ourselves, it takes us to give up on the conflicts of the thoughts, to set our belief on something that is beyond the illusion of “you”. It’s the mechanism of how living beings work in the cosmos. Religious or not religious, a higher being or role model, a delightful, calming, and loving enlightened being, is the rope that pulls you out, if you need one.

With the force, you pull up and learn to love yourself and all lives the way the teachers showed you. Love, and accept all of you. Open the compartmented and sealed shadows, see them and shine lights on them.
  • Meditation: The inhale and exhale is the “mantra” here. Following them, the mind soon stops wandering. Exhale to the lower abdominon, track in internally as if it’s a beam of light, and burns a caudron in the lower abdominon; inhale, through the same middle path reaching the crown chakra, as if a thread is lifting you up in the sky. Exhale, relax all the organs like a cloths on the hanger. Inhale, the hanger pulls up. Go on till there is no sound of the breath heard, and you are breathing energy, instead of air. This restores the energy body and the spirit.

It takes one chant, or a few days, to get back on feet. Then once again you are on the journey with body, emotion, and mind aligned with your spirit.

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